Lordship Recreational Ground, community mural

We were commissioned by Haringey Council to transform a historical bandstand at Lordship Recreational grounds in Tottenham. 

The job was very challenging, as the brief included working with people from all different age groups in the community, and the artwork had to be 'people friendly'. We decided to opt for leaves for the younger children, in which they wrote their dreams for the future, and we all worked together to paint flowers, trees and animals that live in the park. For the older kids we included giant stencils of musicians and BMX'ers, as the band stand is part of the skate park. We included young characters and pensioners, middle aged, disabled and pets as our characters- after all, we all live in London together!! 

As you can see from the bottom of the blog, the band stand dates back a very long way. It's hard to keep a places integrity, but I think we did quite well here. Our mural is still there and loved by the community 3 years on. Thanks to all the people of Tottenham who helped us out along the way. 


first markings
up high
painting the sun
children getting involved in the artwork
how it used to look