Boomtown 2014

I was asked to design something for the Mayfair area of Boomtown that had to be based on Art Deco. The board I painted was 40ft long and had a big lit up "Mayfair" sign at the top, it looked awesome next to the Helter Skelter and was in one of the main areas. As the budget and timescale was tight I only had 4 cans of paint, a brush and some gold acrylic, so as you can imagine I felt like it could have gone very wrong, but the team was really pleased with how it turned out in the end!

Here’s my sketches for the design


Here's me painting the boards, first day was super sunny and our supervisor covered the whole deco team in glitter :)

getting busy. everything had to be measured so it was symetrical, took a while!

on the 2nd day it rained so I was inside a tent stenciling. To get a repetition effect I used a ruler and measured the space to get it in exactly the right position each time.


I got to go back to the festival, and had such a cool time!! Here’s what the sign ended up looking like :-

and here’s a video of the festival :-

I love ya Boomtown!!

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