Projects of 2016


Channel 4 Show Studios 

Me and the rest of the girls from the Lyrically Challenged movement spent the day at Passing Clouds in Dalston, being filmed for a documentary which is to be shown on Channel 4. In the documentary they include a short interview with each of us, and capture us doing our thing on camera. I painted alongside Weardoe , another female artist from London. This is a very exciting time for us all, I am honored to be a part of it! 





I have painted solo at a few Upfest events before, but this time we were invited to attend as a crew . We did a piece with a theme of 'Grannies On Top Crew' instead of our usual name 'Girls On Top Crew' ! It was really fun to paint, the weekend was fab, and we are really pleased to hear that we have been invited to paint there again for the 2016 event! Watch this space :)


Craving Coffee Tottenham 

Here I helped transform the amazing cafe 'Craving Coffee' in Seven Sisters. We went for a stencil theme indoors and a rain forest scene in the entrance. They are really happy with the results and it's now one of my firm favourite places to go for a coffee and a piece of cake!




Roskilde festival, Denmark

I went to work at the international music festival Roskilde, where I painted alongside lots of the best professional graffiti artists in the world. we painted and lived on-site for 10 days leading up to the festival, and our artwork then became an outdoor festival decor/ art gallery when the gates opened to the public. It was such an eye opener for me and I am still processing all of the amazing insights! 





Scissor lift ( Cherry Picker ) License 

I now officially have my license to operate a scissor lift! I took my IPAF exam, which means now I am able to paint really huge really tall pieces of art! Bring it on!


Coca- Cola Shutter Design

I was employed by Coca- Cola to design and transform 5 large shutter doors in their factory in Kent. The doors are in the distribution area, where millions of bottles and cans are picked by forklifts, loaded on to lorries and sent out into the world on a daily basis.

My brief was to find a stylish solution to convey the health and safety regulations to the lorry drivers who visit the factory, which was based around the Coca-Cola branding.  

Organising this job to take place alongside the loading operation was the single most challenging job I've ever had to do. I employed another artist, and together we went through over 600 cans of spray paint. It took us 3 weeks to complete the task from priming the doors, to artwork, to varnishing. Here's the results :)




Vimeo footage