Voyager School

In June I ran 3 days of workshops where 6 small groups of young people at Voyager School in Peterborough. Their brief was to create signs for different facilities in a brand new local community centre. They made collages from images they found online or drew themselves, and my job was to show them how to turn them into large signs using spray paint.

First they practised making stencils and then we went outside, where I showed them a variety of different ways to use the spray paint. We used texture and found objects which we sprayed over stencils to make patterns, and also did a lot of freehand work in the backgrounds.

I loved doing this workshop because every picture turned out to be completely different, and the children were really experimenting with their ideas to create unique outcomes. Some of the groups did not finish, so I spent a day adding bits on and finishing off using pens to create outlines,  and then they were ready to go to an open day and be shown off to their community!

Group 2 - Entertainment Cinema 

Group 3 - Outdoor Adventure Centre 

Group 4 - Boxing Club 

group 6 - Entrance sign  

Here are all the signs finished off. 

The children did brilliantly, I was super proud of them! Looking forward to visiting the community centre to see them in use :) 

Jane FletcherComment