"Femme Fierce" 2015

On 8th March, I was part of an all girl art jam in Leake Street tunnel, to help raise awareness and funds for charity Plan UK's Because I Am A Girl campaign. 

The tunnel was full of people, some had come to see the art, and with over 150 of us painting, there was a lot to get through.

I only just managed to finish in time as I was painting quite big and bumping into lots of friends! Big love to everyone who came to say hi, Mishfit, Weardoe, Itsa, Roo, Lady Culpa, (who I met for the first time) Miss Hazard, Mc Angel for sharing some tunes and not forgetting the legend that is Wisher for keeping us entertained all day :) 

The day meant a lot to me because I was painting alongside Neonita, and we were representing our all female graffiti crew Girls On Top Crew. The original all girl graffiti jams were started in 2006 by our girl Chock, and as she's away in New Zealand and helped found this event, we wanted to do her proud.  I can see that paint jams for females have come a very long way from what they were, and times have changed so much since she put on that first one in 2006! Big ups!

When Chock and I visited New York in 2013 , we met an extremely bad ass lady called Jess.. she curated a show for our crew,  even organising New York's first ever all female jam for us, and despite the fact it was raining and pouring kitty cats, we got to meet loads of other graff chicks! .. anyway, she writes a blog, and does it 100000 times better than me- so I'd love it if you could check it out- she came to visit us at Femme Fierce and makes some interesting points..  .http://jessicapabon.com/

I'll leave you with a photo of mine and Neonitas pieces and a clip posted by Ayaan Bulale who organised Femme Fierce this year :) 

love and meditating sloths! X

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