2015 / 2016

Highlights of projects I have been working on during 2015 /2016.. here we go! 

Channel 4 Show Studios 

Me and the rest of the girls from the Lyrically Challenged movement spent the day at Passing Clouds in Dalston, being filmed for a documentary which is to be shown on Channel 4. In the documentary they include a short interview with each of us, and capture us doing our thing on camera. I painted alongside Weardoe , another female artist from London. This is a very exciting time for us all, I am honored to be a part of it! 




I have painted solo at a few Upfest events before, but this time we were invited to attend as a crew . We did a piece with a theme of 'Grannies On Top Crew' instead of our usual name 'Girls On Top Crew' ! It was really fun to paint, the weekend was fab, and we are really pleased to hear that we have been invited to paint there again for the 2016 event! Watch this space :)


Craving Coffee Tottenham 

Here I helped transform the amazing cafe 'Craving Coffee' in Seven Sisters. We went for a stencil theme indoors and a rainforest scene in the entrance. They are really happy with the results and it's now one of my firm favourite places to go for a coffee and a piece of cake!





Roskilde festival, Denmark

I went to work at the international music festival Roskilde, where I painted alongside lots of the best professional graffiti artists in the world. we painted and lived on-site for 10 days leading up to the festival, and our artwork then became an outdoor festival decor/ art gallery when the gates opened to the public. It was such an eye opener for me and I am still processing all of the amazing insights! 






Scissor lift ( Cherry Picker ) License 

I now officially have my license to operate a scissor lift! I took my IPAF exam, which means now I am able to paint really huge really tall pieces of art! Bring it on!



Coca- Cola Shutter Design

I was employed by Coca- Cola to design and transform 5 large shutter doors in their factory in Kent. The doors are in the distribution area, where millions of bottles and cans are picked by forklifts, loaded on to lorries and sent out into the world on a daily basis.

My brief was to find a stylish solution to convey the health and safety regulations to the lorry drivers who visit the factory, which was based around the Coca-Cola branding.  

Organising this job to take place alongside the loading operation was the single most challenging job I've ever had to do. I employed another artist, and together we went through over 600 cans of spray paint. It took us 3 weeks to complete the task from priming the doors, to artwork, to varnishing. Here's the results :)




Vimeo footage






Camden Town Jungle Mural

I was asked to paint a mural in Camden Town to make some builders hoardings look a lot more colourful and interesting. I got my friend Crok on-board and we designed and painted them together.

Here are the hoardings before we started :-

and here are some progress shots :- 

Here is the completed mural photographed in sections  : - 

And a photograph of the whole painting joined together : -

Voyager School

In June I ran 3 days of workshops where 6 small groups of young people came and learned how to use spray paint. Their brief was to create signs for different facilities in a brand new local community centre.

First they practised making stencils and then we went outside, where I showed them a variety of different ways to use the spray paint. We used texture and found objects which we sprayed over stencils to make patterns, and also did a lot of freehand work in the backgrounds.

I loved doing this workshop because every picture turned out to be completely different, and the children were really experimenting with their ideas to create unique outcomes. Some of the groups did not finish, so I spent a day adding bits on and finishing off using pens to create outlines,  and then they were ready to go to an open day and be shown off to their community!  

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"Femme Fierce" 2015

On 8th March, I was part of an all girl art jam in Leake Street tunnel, to help raise awareness and funds for charity Plan UK's Because I Am A Girl campaign. 

The tunnel was full of people, some had come to see the art, and with over 150 of us painting, there was a lot to get through.

I only just managed to finish in time as I was painting quite big and bumping into lots of friends! Big love to everyone who came to say hi, Mishfit, Weardoe, Itsa, Roo, Lady Culpa, (who I met for the first time) Miss Hazard, Mc Angel for sharing some tunes and not forgetting the legend that is Wisher for keeping us entertained all day :) 

The day meant a lot to me because I was painting alongside Neonita, and we were representing our all female graffiti crew Girls On Top Crew. The original all girl graffiti jams were started in 2006 by our girl Chock, and as she's away in New Zealand and helped found this event, we wanted to do her proud.  I can see that paint jams for females have come a very long way from what they were, and times have changed so much since she put on that first one in 2006! Big ups!

When Chock and I visited New York in 2013 , we met an extremely bad ass lady called Jess.. she curated a show for our crew,  even organising New York's first ever all female jam for us, and despite the fact it was raining and pouring kitty cats, we got to meet loads of other graff chicks! .. anyway, she writes a blog, and does it 100000 times better than me- so I'd love it if you could check it out- she came to visit us at Femme Fierce and makes some interesting points..  .http://jessicapabon.com/

I'll leave you with a photo of mine and Neonitas pieces and a clip posted by Ayaan Bulale who organised Femme Fierce this year :) 

love and meditating sloths! X

"Femme Fierce" Croydon

Myself and over 100 other female artists hit Croydon city centre to paint art all over shop shutters and walls, as a kickstarter for a large project called "Femme Fierce" . I painted alongside Neonita, representing our crew Girls On Top Crew, and we really enjoyed our day as we painted the entrance to the St.Georges Walk shopping centre. 

Here is a short timelapse of the day , taken by John Feeney : -

Some progress pictures : -


Thanks to Rise Gallery for having us, to everyone who came to say hi, and to Femme Fierce for organising the event!

Boomtown 2014

I was asked to design something for the Mayfair area of Boomtown that had to be based on Art Deco. The board I painted was 40ft long and had a big lit up "Mayfair" sign at the top, it looked awesome next to the Helter Skelter and was in one of the main areas. As the budget and timescale was tight I only had 4 cans of paint, a brush and some gold acrylic, so as you can imagine I felt like it could have gone very wrong, but the team was really pleased with how it turned out in the end!

Here’s my sketches for the design


Here's me painting the boards, first day was super sunny and our supervisor covered the whole deco team in glitter :)

getting busy. everything had to be measured so it was symetrical, took a while!

on the 2nd day it rained so I was inside a tent stenciling. To get a repetition effect I used a ruler and measured the space to get it in exactly the right position each time.


I got to go back to the festival, and had such a cool time!! Here’s what the sign ended up looking like :-

and here’s a video of the festival :-


I love ya Boomtown!!

Glastonbury 2014


I was on the decor team for Shangri La this year. We made stencils to go into “Shangri Hell" , which was getting the message to people that the corporate world might just be a living hell ..

Here was our view of the camp, red van set up to cut the stencils


imageusing the projector to make the outlines


not his usual job, but Cassette Lord got into the role of tie cutting pretty well!

imageadding spray mount to make them stick

imagespraying the walls of “hell”..


i have to say they had the best “office” lunch breaks i’ve ever know :) here’s a peak of one on youtube :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbF9iLa7G6M


this was my favourite part of Shangri Hell : click here to see:- Fishing for money

I also painted up a toilet for the Arcadia V.I.P area ~ here is is before and after :-





as always, it all ended up muddy! gotta love Glastonbury <3


Girls On Top at Jazz Cafe!


The galz from Lyrically Challenged asked Resnik and Neonita and I to design their album cover and do some live artwork on the stage while they performed at a night in Jazz Cafe, Camden. I also did some body painting for Jenni Kettles, a hoop dancer from Pyro Keltica
It was an amazing night, with performances from other female artists, including dj’s poets, dancers, singers and rappers.


here’s mine and Neonitas drawings image

Resnik drew Shay D image

 Skinny Man came out to check out our drawings


Neonita drew Sirena Williams


Here’s my body art on Jenni




and her hoop dancing.



Neonita, Me and Resnik




The final design for the album cover , I drew M.C Angel.